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Rocío G. Cabello

Professional violinist

Doctor Cum Laude, PhD in transdisciplinary research in education.

Specialist in music in the World War II.

Music in Auschwitz; the Sound of the Holocaust.

Master’s degree in interpretation as a soloist at the Instituto Superior Katarina Gurska. 


Born in Madrid, at age 5 she began studying music and a year later entered the Conservatorio Profesional de Música de Majadahonda, from which she graduated with the highest grades and Honorable Mention in chamber music. She studied at the Real Conservatorio Superior de Música De Madrid and Centro Superior Katarina Gurska under the direction and tutelage of the great maestro Mr. José López De Saá (founding member of the Orquesta RTVE).

She also took numerous master’s courses and classes with outstanding violinists such as, Vicente Cueva, Ana Ballet, Sheila Gómez, Sergio Castro, Víctor Bercovich, Radu Blidar (Professor of violin at the Royal College of Music in London).

She completed her undergraduate studies with high grades which allowed her to accept a Scholarship for her Master’s degree in interpretation as a soloist at the Centro Superior Katarina Gurska, under the prestigious professor Cecilia Bercovich. 

During recent years Rocio has performed in important music halls, such as, Paderewski’s Summer Palace (Poland), Palacio de Cibeles (Madrid), Museo del Romanticismo, College of Law in Krakow, Palacio Erisana in Lucena (Spain) and the Sinagoga del Tránsito in Toledo, Spain.

In 2016 she won two Third Prizes at the “Insieme” International Contest in Venice in the categories of chamber music and solo instrument. 

In recent months, she has worked as violin tutti in the Orquesta de Radio y Televisión Española (RTVE).

She is a founding member of Dúo Metha, a duo which combines a passion for music and history.

Rocío plays an “Andrea Fiorini” violin which is a copy of a Gagliano from the year 1700.

Rocio´s interest in music and history have caused her to develop a research thesis about music in the Shoah. With the intention of continuing her research and of making this project known, Rocio continues in her incessant search for documents and proof, to keep bringing awareness of the life of the prisoners and the role music played, with the hope that through her work, this period of history will  never be forgotten.


Rocío G. Cabello

Doctor Cum Laude specialist in WWII music.

Graduate in Artistic Research by IKG.

Master’s degree in interpretation as a soloist at the Centro Superior Katarina Gurska.


Jorge G. Cabello

Professional pianist, composer and educador for more than 18 years. Masters Degree in the Performing Arts by the Music Academy of Cracow.


Jorge G. Cabello

Professional pianist

Professional pianist, composer and educador for more than 18 years. Masters Degree in the Performing Arts by the Music Academy of Cracow.


He began his piano studies at an early age which he completed with his graduation from the Conservatorio de Música de Ferraz (Madrid), with the highest grades.

He received his undergraduate degree from the Conservatorio de La Coruña, finishing his last year of studies in Cracow after receiving an Erasmus scholarship.

Later Jorge was awarded a scholarship from the Polish Ministry of Culture towards a master’s degree in Cracow under the direction of Andrzej Pikul. 

After completing his master’s, he was hired as a professor at the Josef Tischner School of Music in Domoslawice (Poland) where he taught piano and chamber music

He has participated as an accompanying pianist in different courses and contests.

He has attended courses given by Maestro Eduardo Ernand, AJoaquín Achúcarro, Emilio Molina, Albert Nieto, Joaquín Soriano, Andrzej Jasinski, Mariana Gurkova, Alexander Kandelaki, Claudio Martínez Mehner, Andrew Ball.

He has performed in diverse European countries such as France, England, Poland, Spain and Slovakia. He has been invited to participate in concert cycles like the “Maestro Aureo Herrero” Ávila, “Bicentennial of the birth of Chopin” y “Festival Oginski” Poland.

Jorge is a founding member of the Trío Europa, a trio with which he has performed in prestigious European music halls. 

He won 2nd prize at the International Musica Insieme Contest, Venice, 2014, and 3rd prize in chamber music at the same, International Musica Insieme Contest, Venice, 2016.

Passion, persistence and exhaustive work are the terms that define his work. Jorge´s goal is that we learn from history to have a better future. 

About Dúo Metha

We are passionate about creating a better future 

Dúo Metha is the result of the passion two siblings, Jorge and Rocio, feel for music. After years of study separately, one in Poland, the other in Spain, they decided to create Dúo Metha.

This Dúo is formed with two main purposes in mind:

  1. To make known the information they have gathered over years of research about the music in the Shoah (Holocaust), to show the fundamental role music played during this period.

  2. To combine this activity with that of offering chamber music concerts and promoting Spanish music. 

Where have they played? They have performed in some of the greatest music halls, such as, Paderewski’s Summer Palace, the Spanish Senate (on the International Day to commemorate the Victims of the Holocaust), the Conservatory of Zilina (Slovakia), the grand hall of the Municipal Palace in Venice, the Teatro Fernández-Baldor, Torrelodones Auditorium, the Circle of Fine Arts, the inauguration of the Exposición Mundial de Auschwitz in Madrid, the Arte-Canal Center, the Sinagoga del Tránsito in Toledo (Spain), the Palacio Erisana in Lucena, Tedx Conferences, Centro Sefarad Israel, the School of Law in Krakow and Schindler’s Factory.

They won third prize for chamber music in the “Venecia Insieme” International Music Contest in 2016.

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