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Fábrica de Schindler

Shoah Project

The project, “Memory of the Holocaust,” was born in 2009 after their first trip to the concentration and extermination camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau. After extensive research about the different concentration camps, ghettoes and particularly that from the Auschwitz extermination camp’s archives, arose a desire to expand and make known what the “Lager,” (the long and hard war years), were really like and especially, to explain the role of music in this difficult context. 

The primary objective of this project is to divulge the information they have been collecting for years, so this period of history, and those who suffered it, will never be forgotten. 

Throughout these years of research, Dúo Metha has had the privilege of meeting numerous survivors of the Shoah, with whom they have shared experiences. Thanks to them, they have received and contrasted first hand information which they have incorporated into their research and project. 

The documents, photographs, music and sheet music analyzed and researched are the basis of the project, which they then offer to the public in the form of a conference-concert. Within this format they combine informing about the historical documents and performing music which played a relevant role in this context. 

Using music as the universal language, they hope to make known different facts, occurrences, situations and personal stories which will help to bring about a little more knowledge and understanding of this period in history which must never be forgotten.

In order to follow Auschwitz survivor, Józef Paczynski’s request, to “Go throughout the world and tell everything I have told you,” (the same as many other survivors), the Duo Metha works non-stop to continue researching and discovering that which never should have occurred and must never be forgotten.

Duo’s pianist has composed numerous musical pieces in memory of the victims, which came to light and can be listened in digital form and on a CD, along with other musical pieces related to their research. The duo will also show, in a documentary, their course of action, their experiences... 

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